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How do you feel about engagement while in college? I've been dating my boyfriend for a few years now, but not sure how being engaged in college would work. Is that even a common thing, especially in a sorority.

I feel like engagement in college is fairly common if you are a senior and have been in a serious relationship for years.  Last year there were a handful of girls in my sorority that were lavaliered by their boyfriends in fraternities, which means that they hope to be engaged in the future.  There were also a couple girls who got engaged a little before graduation.

Engagements are uncommon among underclassmen, but if you have truly found the man you want to spend the rest of your life with, then you should not worry if it is “common” or not.  Your sorority sisters will be there to celebrate with you, especially since engagement is such a big life event!  For me personally, I want to wait for about 5 years of dating before I get engaged, so I can be sure that the man I choose is the right one.  I would love to get lavaliered by the time I graduate though!

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